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Building Worship Bridges

What you'll learn

FIVE PHASES OF WORSHIP to DEEPEN the Worship Experience

In Building Worship Bridges, you'll delve into and incorporate the five phases of worship development to offer competent and compelling worship, and in the process, fulfill our calling to make new disciples of Jesus Christ.

TEN GROWTH PRINCIPLES to DIRECT the Worship Experience

In Building Worship Bridges, you'll uncover ten growth principles to encourage leadership and community growth and to help you design powerful, transformational worship experiences week after week.


In Building Worship Bridges, you'll follow the guest and the worship leader into Accelerating and Decelerating Churches, to learn to plan and lead worship with the guest in mind (because that's what growing churches do!)

What people are saying

  • In this day and age, one can spend seemingly unlimited resources trying to develop a church that can cross contextual divides and connect a city with the living Christ through meaningful, relevant, inspiring worship. Cathy Townley, Kay Kotan and Bishop Robert Farr have succeeded in creating a worship resource that can save time, money, and tears. Adaptable and life giving, this book is a must read for church leaders trying to take things to the next level.
    Eric Bjorklund
  • At last a book that provides the building blocks for compelling worship! Thank you, Cathy Townley, Kay Kotan, and Bishop Robert Farr for this excellent resource! Building Worship Bridges will help worship teams from local churches connect to their larger communities. These teams will be guided on how to create worship that reaches new people, younger people and more diverse people. A great resource for new church plants and existing congregations.
    Rev. Dr. Douglas Ruffle
  • If you are a preacher or worship leader this book will be perfect for you and your team. Building Worship Bridges is more than a metaphor—it is a mandate to create worship that connects with your community mission field. In it (and in its accompanying workbook) you’ll learn to start with the spiritual ‘why’ and then how to do the right things in the right way for the right reasons to accelerate your church’s growth.
    Jim Ozier